Karate changes lives, reveals the right course, and allows for positive outcomes to all confrontations. Teaching respect, honor and self-control while keeping a healthy body, mind & spirit.

A very unique class, having an average of 8-12 black belt instructors per class, which gives each student more one on one or smaller group instruction. We have been teaching karate at the Robert K. Fox Family Y for more than 45 years under the Head Sensei, Gary Darling.

Each session has a minimum of 2 free classes at the end of each session, which is when eligible students can be promoted to the the next rank/belt. Promotions cost $15 per belt, with the exception of a black belt promotion, which is free. The karate uniforms (Gi’s) and karate club t-shirts can be purchased at wholesale prices within our class.

White Gi – $20
Black Gi – $25
T-Shirt – 10

Sparring, Training Gear and Weapons are provided, but can be purchased at wholesale prices if you so choose.
Join us in Spirit & Strength!